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Thank you for visiting our website! At Optimize Accounting Solutions, we partner with our clients to ensure their business and personal goals are on track by providing customize value base Accounting and Tax services that fits their needs. We are a public accounting firm serving throughout the Bay area located in Fremont California. We care about our clients’ success and dedicated to understand their businesses to help us support them best way possible. We serve startups, small to mid-size companies and Individuals. We are committed to add value to each assignment we take upon and make a difference!

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Owner’s Profile:

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Parmjit K. Brar, CPA
Founder | CPA

Parmjit Brar “Pam” is the founder of Optimize Accounting Solutions and has over 10 years of Accounting and Tax experience in public accounting. Pam’s experience includes working with California State board of Equalization, Deloitte and various high tech companies in Bay area. She is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) licensed in California since 2011. Pam graduated from CSU Stanislaus, CA in 2006 with Bachelor of Science Degree in business administration and concentration in Accounting.

Pam is passionate about partnering with her clients and understand their business and challenges. With her experience in various industries, she brings large firm ideas to small –mid size businesses to help them become more efficient and successful. She provides insightful practical solutions to add value and guide them through each hurdle.

Our Business:

We provide value base customize accounting and tax related services to small businesses and individuals. We provide these services in such a way that allows our clients the opportunity to spend their time where they are best at. We take away dreaded accounting and tax related tasks from our clients to help them become more efficient in what they do the best. We are determined to consistently deliver quality and timely service to our client’s.

We initiate our work by understanding our client’s and their business and guide them to ease through opportunities and challenges of doing business in this market.

Our services include Accounting, Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, Audit Representations, QuickBooks Support, and Consulting services to small businesses and individuals.

Our Mission:

To serve our clients with Commitment, Integrity and Efficiency in mind. We are determined to move along with new technologies to help us and our client to be more efficient. We believe in developing long lasting relationships with our clients, we accomplish this by partnering with each client and with our best abilities to support our client’s achieve their business goals.

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Our Philosophy

We care about our clients’ success and dedicated to learn their business and operations as well as their industries to provide Personalized and Optimize Solutions. By delivering responsive and proactive services, we assist our clients in reaching their financial goals. We continually strive to educate and train our professionals to help them support our clients through their professional and personal milestones.


Business Services:

  • Accounting Services for Small –Mid size Business
    • General Accounting Services
    • Bookkeeping Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Revenue Recognition Accounting / Consulting
  • Part-Time CFO Services
  • Review / Implement Business Processes

QuickBooks Services:

  • QuickBooks Setup
  • QuickBooks Consulting
  • QuickBooks Training
  • QuickBooks Clean-up

Tax Services:

  • Tax Preparation, Planning and Compliance
    • Income Tax preparation and compliance for all forms of entities
    • Tax compliance and reporting for various forms of entity
    • Comprehensive tax planning for businesses, individuals and estates
    • Multi-State taxation and nexus issues
    • Sales and Use tax services
  • Tax Audit Support / Representation
    • Audit representation with Business Income tax and sales and use tax

Individual Services:

  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Tax Audit Support / Representation

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Parmjit K. Brar “Pam”, CPA
Certified Public Accountants
39812 Mission Blvd
Suite 115
Fremont CA 94539

Office: (510) 766-0221
Email: info@optimizeaccounting.com

Website :

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